ezPiano for iPad

ezPiano for iPad is a magical app that works like Guitar Hero for the piano. Whether you're a pro or an amateur, you'll find something cool in it. Unlike other piano apps, ezPiano shows you the sheet music and plays the accompaniment for you while you are playing the tune! Perform like a maestro even if you don't know how to play the piano. Want to show off? There's a feature that lets you "pretend" to play Flight of the Bumble Bee!

100+ Songs with Full Accompaniment

  • All songs come with full accompaniment.
  • Play a selected melody note by note and the app will fill in the harmony and accompaniment for you. You can turn off this feature to play just the melody.
  • Choose songs from the following categories: Broadway, Classical, Folk Songs, Impress Your Friends, Kids, Miscellaneous, and Scales.

The Best Piano Sound Yet

  • Superior stereo piano sounds sampled from a Steinway Model D Concert grand piano.

Easy to Learn

  • Learn how to read the sheet music by pressing a key and watch the corresponding note in the sheet music highlighted.
  • Learn how to play a song the correct way by following the fingering guide. Disable it when you are ready to play like a pro.
  • As you play along, check your score to gauge how well you're doing.
  • Need help on timing? Turn on the Metronome and follow the beat.

Play Modes

  • Song Mode: Learn how to play a song or let the app play it for you. Press to let the app take over. Press at any time to resume playing the song yourself. Press to start over.
  • Free Mode: Play your own song.
  • Random Mode: Having trouble composing a tune? Let the app play a random tune for you.

It's Fun!

  • Wacky sound effects when you make a mistake or did an excellent job.
  • Comical facial expressions in reaction to how well you're playing.
  • Enable Fake Mode and pretend to play any song like a pro.
  • Enjoy the animations while you play.

It's Configurable!

  • Finding the keyboard too cramped? Make it bigger.
  • Make the keyboard slideable to change octaves quickly.
  • Already a pro? Turn off the fingering and note guides.
  • Press to see all the settings that you can configure.


“Your app is not only a learning app, but it is full of fun. It is the second most used app on my iPhone/iPad. The first being Farmville. :)”
~ David McClam
(a.k.a. Cena, the #1 Rhythm Game Reviewer in the world)
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"Just what I was looking for. It plays the song for you and shows the keys you need to hit. Excellent"
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"...this app is easy to use & it's loads of fun..."